Day 15: Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

We took it easy in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Woke up late, made a fire, cooked some food. Then we wandered around the curved yellow hills and gigantic boulders.

Since this national park is very close to Ulaanbaatar, and is very beautiful, it is a crazy tourist destination. There are dozens of Ger camps every few hundred meters or so along the road, and everybody is obsessed with one rock, “Turtle Rock”. I don’t really know why, since all of the other big boulders are equally (if not more) impressive.

…PROBABLY because this “Turtle Rock” is advertised as a “must see” location.


Pretty stupid reason to admire one rock over the other, don’t you think? :D

Look, this is what “Turtle Rock” looks like:

(Picture from Wikipedia)

And these are two random unnamed rocks that we found somewhere in this park:

Why is Turtle Rock cooler than random unnamed rock?

Luckily it was off season when we were there (November) so most Ger camps were closed and the park was pretty empty. We wandered away from the road and the Ger camps anyway, to check out the natural beauty of the park. We walked off trail, to the highest hilltop we could see. And we found this spot:

I think it’s better than “Turtle Rock” but nobody knows about it.

We also ran into a camel family and fed them some grass :D

I love this baby camel, he looks like Sid from Ice Age :D

We watched the sunset from the top of a hill and spent one more night camping between the giant boulders.

Total expenses of Day 15: $0

Total expenses so far of 15 days in Mongolia (including the price of getting to Mongolia):


*Night photos (and a couple of the other ones) by Felix

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