The e-version of my book is free as a PDF. You can download it, flip through it, and read it however you like.

If you would like to support my work, you can do that here:


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It will also be available in a large number of bookstores and retailers around the world, distributed through Ingramspark. Below there is a list of stores that it should be available in. If you see a shop you’d like to order from, just search for “Big World Small Sasha” (or ISBN: 9798218373283) and see if it pops up. *It may take a few extra days for it to show up in all of those stores.

*I apologize for selling my book on Amazon :)  I understand the irony, but in today’s world if you want people to read your book, you kind of have to use Amazon. This was also the only affordable way for me to get several physical proof copies of my book.

**For every physical book that I sell for $18, I’ll get a cut of about $3 to $4 (sometimes less), so if you don’t care to have a physical copy but you would still like to support me, even a $3 donation is very much appreciated.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy my book.